Our Treatment

Since late 2015, our clinicians have conducted preclinical trials using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections to rejuvenate the ovaries of menopausal women, restore fertility, and pursue pregnancy. Of the over 60 women aged 45-64 who have received the treatment so far:

  • Over 75% now have the option of natural pregnancy or in vitro fertilization.
  • Over 75% have also seen overall hormone levels return to youthful levels,
  • 9 have begun successful pregnancies.
  • 2 have had live births.

Unlike traditional PRP transfusions, no donor is needed - instead, the patient’s own genetic material is used to heal the body. The basic process involves the removal of the patient’s own blood plasma, enrichment via centrifuge, and re-injection into the ovaries without the use of any additional substances.

Though other clinics have attempted the technique, success rates have been relatively low due to differing industry techniques. Novel elements of the treatment, which have been enhanced from the original and highly successful treatment as developed in Greece, ensure the safety and efficacy of our trials.

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