Our Vision

Inovium is at the forefront in exploring new, safe, and affordable innovations in the fertility sciences. Inovium embodies a core belief that the potential for benefiting human performance through the restoration of fertility represents the most expedient and efficacious route for regaining health, increasing longevity, and maximizing peak physical and mental performance in our patients.

Prospective investors can benefit from access to on-site tours of our ongoing clinical trials, communication with our researchers and medical team, unreleased and anonymized preclinical data, trial enrollment, and other opportunities. Requests for more information should be directed to Aaron Traywick at atrayick@inoviumrejuvenation.com.

Future Work

Masculine Regeneration Trials and Beyond

In as much as we remain committed to ensuring access to fertility for women, our goals are aligned in the same way for men. As fertility and sex function may be restored in women with this technology, AB is committed to exploring the opportunities the technology may offer to men.

Our clinical partners have initial supporting evidence that masculine regeneration therapies not only have potential for restoring youthful fertility levels in men, but also as an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. Currently, preclinical trials are proceeding swiftly to determine the extent of effectiveness in replicating the ovarian rejuvenation trials as a treatment for these conditions. In the coming months, the results of these trials will reveal the full future potential of these therapies.

Since many men worldwide battle with decreased sexual function and the associated loss in quality of life, masculine regeneration holds unique promise in the market. AB is interested in creating an industry targeting not only the fertility community, but one that serves the larger purpose of enhanced sexual health through rejuvenation.

Additionally, if success rates in males appear comparable through PRP, we anticipate that these findings will warrant future research and development in multiple organ-specific PRP transfusions. AB remains committed to working with the leading scientists of the regenerative health community, in order to identify the best and most promising complementary treatments to both maximize the restorative potential of our treatments and expand their range of application.